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Corporate Gamification to Enhance Employee Performance

Performance management is changing, for good. New technologies like gamification have become the present and future of an organization’s performance management systems.

An ever-increasing trend now, Gamification is the process of adding game-like features to performance reviews such as challenges, levels, leaderboards, and badges. Together with AI it helps streamline motivation, engagement and participation strategies, cultivating transparent and collaborative cultures.

Gamified AI has been known to strengthen the relationship between one's work and the objectives of the company. Gamification has the ability to trickle down the business agendas and goals to every employee in a highly immersive yet non-intrusive manner while making it part of the daily workflow. It efficiently persuades employees to participate and collaborate through challenges and competitive point-based features. Workforce performance gamification powered by AI gives employees real-time views of their goals, objectives and KPIs, so that they can reflect on their performance.

AI adopters have witnessed that making performance data available to the employees themselves leashed out an array of positive outcomes like self-reflection and self-improvement. When employees enter the gamification platform, they can see how they are performing individually as well as against their competition. It helps them identify their weaknesses and follow it up with micro-learning sessions in real-time to improve their performance.

Gamified evaluations also see tangible results in terms of costs by implementing at the organizational level. By switching to a year-round, real-time and highly engaging gamified performance management system, costs are minimized and constant feedback further improves engagement and decreases the attrition rates.

The Gamified AI apps also allow employees to put in a vote on work opportunities and training as well as volunteer initiatives posted across the company. Employees can serve as mentors or project leads, or participate in business resource groups and community give-back programs that align with their preferences.

Several companies have been actively using Gamified AI in their performance initiatives for a few years now. It has shown some tremendously positive results like gamifying Google's travel expense system translated into 100% compliance within 6 months of launching the program. Similarly, for Deloitte, the average time to complete the training curriculum dropped by 50%, and the program has seen a 47% increase in the number of users that return to the site daily.

  • Posted Date: 18-MAR-2020