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Your New Workplace Friend ‘ChatBot’

Modern workplace dynamics are channeling HR professionals to revisit their approach towards employee engagement across the complete lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, enablement, remuneration, training, development, performance management, and even exit.

Forward-thinking HR departments are thus deploying new technologies like Chatbots for myriads of HR functions, including employee engagement.

Chatbots work on the principle that each point in an employee’s interaction with the organization, there is an opportunity to shape their experience in new and beneficial ways. They are turning into the new workplace companions to garner knowledge, train, learn and provide feedback.

Conversational interfaces like chatbots represent one of the biggest shifts in user interfaces. They enable interactions in a natural manner rather than clicking through menus or typing information into structured forms.

Often referred to as Conversational AI-powered by Natural Language Processing, chatbots engage either via voice-activated devices like Alexa, Google Assistant or via message-based interfaces of common collaboration tools such as Slack, Teams, etc. They are increasingly influencing and shaping how businesses engage with their employees, resulting in more meaningful and personalized experiences.

AI chatbots are found in all layers of HR now. An onboarding bot eases the process and guides new hires by constantly providing responses to their queries about company benefits, salary, IT systems and learning management systems, as well as gathering any information needed to get them properly enrolled and operational. Chatbots take over many routine tasks that consume time, money and effort.

  • Posted Date: 11-MAR-2020