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Rise of Microlearning ‒ The Efficient Learning Method

Besides offering a sense of convenience in our recreational lives, hand-held devices (mobile, tablets) are also becoming an active platform for interactive learning and training content. This mobile method fosters microlearning greatly i.e. the practice of breaking learning into small chunks that are quick and easy to digest. This efficiently helps reinforce skills and behaviors, that further enables reskilling and knowledge upgrade.

Employees respond best to learning that is relevant, personalized, and efficient. Learning analytics boosted by AI delivers this almost effortlessly. The impact is particularly powerful in short, specific microlearning programs. The complexity of an AI-backed microlearning experience results in a continuous, real-time assessment of a learner’s progress. Real-time learning analytics make a direct impact by creating a path through the training that is most appropriate for a specific learner. This adaptive functionality can prescribe content reinforcement for areas where a learner struggles and identify opportunities to reengage the learner moving forward. For example, learning about a mistake in a skills quiz right at the moment would reinstate the correct answer better.

For those with busy schedules or in highly dynamic roles, such as in business development, medical or technical support, learning with micro-content that is available at all times allows flexible access to different methods of delivery. As materials can now be accessed via a range of devices, learners are offered an increased level of autonomy, flexibility, and control. Not only can they choose when and where to train, but they can also learn at their own pace.

Artificial intelligence has found ways to enhance microlearning in multiple ways, the focus on learning for improved engagement includes methods like gamification. The gamification technique helps to introduce a fun and sticky learning element, with the use of gaming principles. For example, gamified micro-content can help employees get a grip of system procedures, or help get trained for better sales results in the field. L&D professionals can also offer gamified assessments in their microlearning content. Gamification elements like scores, lives, and points can be embedded into the evaluation. 

Another way to use gamification is by introducing nuggets that allow learners to practice and learn something new, apply knowledge, and resolve existing problems.

In all, Microlearning helps connect with people at a personal level and AI goes hand-in-hand by creating customized learning paths for them through various metrics.

  • Posted Date: 04-MAR-2020