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Debunking Common Myths about AI in HR

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer in HR. We can unanimously agree to that, but some common myths continue to plague its existence.

The most common debate being ‘Will AI replace the human recruiters?” After all, it’s a logical argument, but the human touch will always remain a necessity of the recruitment process, now and in the future. AI is a tool, a labor-saving aid. While AI can do miracles by simplifying the recruitment process, recruiters will always have the final authority. Also, AI brings a major change in the way you work by helping you focus on high-value tasks.  

Another point of contention is when people think that AI is for people with a technical background only. HR professionals are usually found to be “not data confident”, but this should not prevent their foray into incorporating AI technology at work. Most softwares are designed in a user-friendly manner that requires minimal technical knowledge, but only some training and induction.

When talking about AI in HR processes, many people also think that robots will be part of the workforce. Certainly not the case in the literal sense. AI works in the back-end, like magic that is unseen. Just like Alexa, home automation and smartphones, it can be anything!

An increase in the cost of business is another common myth. Deploying technology has always been associated with higher costs. But while dealing with large-scale operations, it has been found that there is a 35% higher cost when the recruitment process is not automated.

A common hype around AI is that it’s a cure for all. Safe to say, it’s not the magic potion that will make everything beautiful and smooth. Just like any other technology it has its pitfalls too. However, the benefits may surpass them any given day.

  • Posted Date: 20-FEB-2020