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How Candidate Shortlisting is Re-Invented with AI

Imagine not having to go through hundreds of resumes every single day, most of which deem unfit for the purpose. A study revealed that 75 to 85 percent of resumes are unqualified for the said role.  Medium and large scale operations face resume screening and shortlisting issues every day, given that hiring is increasing by the year.

It is estimated that shortlisting takes as many as 23 hours per candidate of a recruiter. With AI, the role of a recruiter is modifying to managing this technology. This helps them allot more time on human aspects of the process that require more focus. Meanwhile, AI takes the front seat and does the time-consuming yet critical task of shortlisting the resumes.

An important way in which AI helps select the best resumes is by eliminating any biases. For example, while a human being could judge a CV from the cultural or gender aspect, AI will omit such bias and bring out the most relevant options. AI is digesting as much information as possible to predict if a candidate will be a successful fit at the company.

AI is practically disrupting the candidate sourcing process through online application management. Applicant tracking from recruiter databases tends to use a lot of keywords, word flows, and other data points that AI can sort, search and analyze with ease.

AI technologies can be utilized to fill in the gaps that employers might not be able to gather from a resume. It can help in various ways like analyzing the candidate's online presence and discovering his/her online activity. Similarly, a candidate would also be able to use AI to find the best fit for them by creating a profile for their values, goals and career aspirations. 

"AI can search to find matching candidates, make contact, conduct preliminary interviews, assess resumes, and present the best for an interview. " - Forbes.com

  • Posted Date: 20-FEB-2020