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Future of Interviewing is AI-based

AI is changing the face of HR operations and interviewing is a prime element of the same. A simple video interview like in the past may not be as simple as you think anymore! Artificial intelligence electronically evaluates many factors of a video interview, including an applicant’s body language, facial expressions, choice of words and voice-tone. It even captures the speed of each response. Together, these factors help companies analyze potential candidates based on collated data and subsequently, support decision-making while hiring.

Mostly, video interviewing powered by AI involves candidates being asked to record themselves while responding to competency-based interview questions. Candidates receive the benefit of saving travel time and associated costs (especially in out-station cases). Interviewers get to re-watch and pick up on finer nuances, share candidate responses, and save time on the physical process of the interview itself. Along with AI analyses, interviewers can add their own two cents to the decision-making with these recorded videos.

Video interviewing has been gaining traction due to the obvious benefits of reduced scheduling and lesser travel and set-up costs of in-person interviews. Organizations like Unilever are already claiming to save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year by inducing AI in interviewing and replacing human recruiters.

With the help of customized, subject-oriented questions hosted on the company’s platform, a quick assessment can be made in no time subject to further evaluation.  AI can also help in analyzing the video of the interview to evaluate a candidate's engagement when making a hiring call.

In a real-life example of AI in Video Interviewing, a large Indian Bank reaped its benefits, selecting cohorts for their flagship Banker hiring program, from a pool of 20000 aspirants across India. The scale that AI makes accessible is simply spell-bounding for today’s fast-moving business world.

Despite several arguments against the use of AI such as lessened human touch and possibility of inequality, video interviewing with AI-enabled technology is here to stay for long due to enormous benefits.

  • Posted Date: 20-FEB-2020