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India Inc's hiring speed hit by Covid-19 and slowdown

India Inc is facing tremendous burnt of Covid-19. Various corporate HR Heads have mentioned that overall recruitment levels are very likely to drop with business slowing down globally on account of Covid-19 and restrictions on travel even as companies are monitoring the situation closely.

Companies are monitoring the situation continuously, and executives fear that they may start laying off people in the coming months as supply chains get affected.

Companies who are hiring for critical positions are innovating their recruitment process, using technology, like holding interviews over video conferencing, and checking the travel history of candidates, to minimize Covid-19 risk.

Prabir Jha, founder and CEO of HR advisory Prabir Jha People Advisory, said companies are likely to revisit their hiring numbers and delay the hiring process a little. “The slowing down of the business could ease the pressure on backfills or fresh scaling up in the near term,” he said. “Pre-placement offer conversions will intensify this year and virtual hiring processes could see an increase."

HR head of a consumer durables company speculates that companies could anytime declare a full ban on hiring. Already it’s a highly need-based hiring process based on filling critical positions.

On the precaution front, companies are playing it safe and checking with current and prospective employees on whether they have travelled abroad, and if in the affirmative, they are requested to resume work post a self-quarantine 14-day period and a medical check-up.