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HR's biggest challenge today - managing diverse data: Oracle Official

Although data insights increase operational efficiency and drive sustainable business outcomes, managing varied data is one of HR’s biggest current challenges at the moment, owning to fast pace technology changes in organizations.

“Technology changing the workplace is not new. This is not a one-time change. All these technologies, be it AI, automation or IoT, are fundamentally creating new engines of growth, with data as the new propellant.” Shaakun Khanna, Head of HCM Applications-APAC, Oracle

The technology allows for automation and streamlining of several day-to-day tasks but is also drowning organizations in myriads of data which is overwhelming the HR departments.

As per Khanna, the pile-up of data will only add to the HR woes if not acted upon sooner. He adds, that trust is a major part of this data confidence and proper securing of data can seal this trust to reap a wealth of benefits. HR leaders need to establish proper data management protocols, effective training and embrace accountability.