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Kolb’s Learning Cycle

We believe organizations use only a fraction of the competencies that their employees have or can acquire. This, for us, is the primary source of customer expectation and delivery. Our Simulate-Assimilate-Asses model aptly addresses this gap and the change is measurable. It is much more retainable experience for the participants as we provide gamified and multi-media contents as much as possible.

Our Simulate-Assimilate-Assess model is based on Kolb’s Learning Cycle. Concrete Experience and Generalization are two fulcrums of our model. Concrete experience is provided through simulation of the real-life situation. Similarly, generalizations are provided by allowing the participants to assimilate what they have gone through after a variety of relevant simulation/ learning programs. These are supported with assessments to check (a) participants’ observations after the experience, and (b) if the participants have understood the interplay of competencies and situational variability to the right depth, as required for applying the ideas.


Prayog Engine Designed Using Kolb’s Learning Cycle

Based on the above model we have developed an integrated platform/ engine called PRAYOG to provided usable analytics at one place for competencies and simulated performances (performances in simulated environments). PRAYOG is India’s first Artificial Intelligence based platform that does not need any coding to create a simulation. Prayog is extremely flexible and can be integrated into any learning journey. Prayog makes understanding of complex decision-making easy by using Neural Networks which work similar to the neurons in the brain. On Prayog platform users are guided by bots for providing support and improving engagement on the go.


Organizations can use Prayog as one-stop solutions for their learning requirements, competence assessments and simulated performance measurements