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You can't manage what you can't measure….
Peter Drucker

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them….

Managers can learn to think systemically if they can uncover the subtle interactions….
Peter Senge


Usable analytics linked to simulated performance measurements, competency assessments and learning engagements, provided over a single platform called Prayog in an integrated manner.

Solutions provided in a platform-as-a-service mode. Company-specific games are not used by any other client.

Zero-based and customizable company-specific solutions and no force-fitting from existing product bouquet if requested.

Largest library of business simulation games. Third party online game creation is also possible.

Reliable and valid assessments in traditional and gamified mode delivered over all types of devices.

Our holistic solutions are also related to functional areas and not restricted to leadership and managerial competencies